Ten Minute Play Festival

Scripts are now being accepted for the Illinois High School 10-Minute Play Festival to be presented by Eureka College and the Peoria Live Theatre League. All Illinois High School students are eligible to enter. All scripts must be new unproduced works. At least six scripts will be selected as winners and produced by Eureka College.

  • Submission deadline: Must be e-mailed or postmarked by July 1, 2017
  • Evaluation period: Now through July 4, 2017
  • Authors notified: August 16, 2017
  • Selections announced: By September 15, 2017
  • Performance dates: October 6-7 (2 evenings)

The selected plays will be staged in October 2017 at Pritchard Theatre in Eureka College. Production is by Eureka College students: once you’ve turned in a script, your only job is to come and see your show!
There is no fee to enter this competition


Eureka College will produce six scripts written by Illinois High School students.
If possible and with permission, we would like to publish selected scripts as well.
The plays will be selected from all entries in the following categories:

  • Class of 2016: 1 script
  • Class of 2017: 1 script
  • Class of 2018: 1 script
  • Class of 2019: 1 script
  • At-Large: 2 scripts

In the event that no scripts from a class are submitted, another at-large script will be chosen. All student scripts are eligible for selection in the student’s class rank and the At-Large openings. We are dedicated to producing original works, and if we have the resources to produce more than six plays, we will select more than two At-Large scripts.

Submission Guidelines:
  • You must be a high school student in Illinois.
  • Submissions must be original, unpublished 10-minute plays. Previous productions are accepted.
  • Scripts written by more than one author are accepted, as long as all authors are eligible.
  • There is no limit to number of plays that an individual may submit.
  • Production requirements should be feasible. Since the winning plays will be produced, no play considered technically un-producible will be selected.
  • Recommended maximum number of characters per play is four.
  • Running time is to be 10 minutes or less, which may mean 6–12 pages depending upon the density of dialogue. Authors are responsible for submitting work that is within the 10 minute running time limit. Cuts will be requested of the playwright for any selected play which runs over the limit regardless of the number of pages in the script.
  • Mailed scripts should be typed/word-processed, numbered, and stapled.
  • Scripts cannot be returned. Eureka College and the Peoria Live Theatre League assume no responsibility for lost or damaged scripts.
  • We are unable at this time to provide feedback to playwrights regarding their work.


Submission Process
Snail Mail:

Mail 2 copies of each script to:

Illinois High School 10-Minute Play Festival
c/o Marty Lynch
Eureka College

300 East College Ave.
Eureka, IL 61530-1500

Email: martyl@eureka.edu


Send a digital copy of the script to martyl@eureka.edu. In the subject line, write Illinois High School 10-Minute Play Festival.

Please note

The selection of directors, actors and designers for the selected plays is at the sole discretion of Eureka College. An author may participate in the process if participation is requested by the producing companies or the director selected for the project. Entry of a script into this festival grants to Eureka College the right to produce the entered play only for this specific event in October 2017 and authors retain all rights to their work for future production or publication. Authors, if their play is selected for production, grant to Eureka College and the Peoria Live Theatre League the right to use their name, biographical information and photo for purposes of publicity and marketing during the period Aug 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017.

Questions can be directed to martyl@eureka.edu

2018 Winners

  • “Abduction Absentees” by  Emma Segrest (directed by Kim Johnson)
  • “Swicharoo” by  Ben Kulat (directed by Alexis Godbee)

  • ” You Can’t Put Lipstick on a Dino”by Ananya Shah  (directed by Haley Joseph)
  • “Twenty-Twenty” by  Nathan Fryer (directed by Alexis Godbee)
  • “This Is Not A Musical” by  AJ DePew (directed by Jasmine Elam)
  • ” Gumbo” by Natan Shayevich (directed by Jasmine Elam and Haley Joseph)
2016 Winners
  • “When a Fan Loves a Woman” by Andrew Gray, Washington Community High School class of 2016 (directed by Katelyn Etherton)
  • “Beautiful” by Maya Cohen, Stevenson High School class of 2016, (directed by Emilie Dierks)
  • “Final Stop” by Zach Sabitt, Highland Park High School class of 2016, (directed by Emma Dabrowski)
  • “Milk” by Spencer Baumruk, Libertyville High School class of 2017 (directed by Kendall Katz)
  • “Mimes Anonymous” by Sam Litwin, Stevenson High School class of 2018 (directed by Drew Carter)
  • “Orethello” by Joshua B Vogt, Lakes Community High School class of 2017 Hometown: Lindenhurst (directed by Isabella Anderson)
  • “Rom Com” by Georgia Sampson, Libertyville High School class of 2017 (directed by Alexis Godbee)
  • “The Difference” by St. Bede Academy Genesius Project (directed by Vic Griffith)
    Courtney Cook class of 2017
    Riley Heise class of 2017
    Aiko Mendoza class of 2017
    Harleigh Rice class of 2017
    Emily Sampo class of 2017
    Jacob Theesfeld class of 2018
  • “The Suffering Dome” by Bradford Porter, Crystal Lake High School class of 2017 (directed by Austin Bristow II)
  • “Vegetarianism” by Noah Jordan Cott, Highland Park High School class of 2016 (directed by Zachary Montgomery)

2015 Winners

  • “Imaginary Friends and Other Odd Creatures” by Emily Oldham, directed by Hannah Lane
  • “Take the Money and Run” by Jonah Rawitz, directed by Jacob Geiger
  • “All In Your Head” by Julia Dirkes-Jacks, directed by Isabella Anderson
  • “Partners In Crime” by Hannah Bond, directed by Sarah Ackermann
  • “That Awkward Prom Moment” by Andrew Gray, directed by Joanna Guevara
  • “Make a Difference” by Marie Lynch, Tyler Bentley, & Mae Schuberth, directed by Holly Rocke
  • “This Is Not A Date” by Jianna Lubotsky, directed by Ashleigh Feger
  • “Brace Yourself” by Julia Dirkes-Jacks, directed by Kristen Franz and Kelli Robison