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Hispanic Studies (Spanish)

The Eureka College Hispanic Studies program prepares students to be globally-minded citizens and professionals.  Students will develop their Spanish-language abilities as well as their intercultural competence, skills which will serve them well in a variety of fields such as healthcare, criminal justice, business and education. 



Students with any level of Spanish—or none at all!—are encouraged to take Hispanic Studies.  Our introductory course is designed for students who have never studied the language before, and our intermediate courses are a good fit for students who have already taken Spanish in high school and are working toward proficiency.  We also offer advanced coursework for fluent speakers who have grown up using the language and are ready to develop college-level reading and writing skills while learning about the history and literature of Spanish-speaking cultures.  You can even take your Spanish on the road and spend a semester in another country!  Recent destinations of our Hispanic Studies students include Spain, Chile and Costa Rica.


No matter where you start in our Hispanic Courses program, at Eureka you will benefit from small classes and personalized faculty attention.  Please contact the Spanish faculty listed below for more information about Hispanic Studies and program placement.


Hispanic Studies Contact

Dr. Emily Eaton
Burrus Dickinson – Room 301
300 East College Ave.
Eureka, IL 61530