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What to Expect with the Double Major
  • Coursework as early as the Freshman year provides opportunities to begin observations in the field.

  • Fieldwork at the Sophomore level allows for one-on-one time with a student implementing Response to Intervention strategies.

  • Fieldwork at the Junior/Senior level provides opportunities in both the Elementary and Special Education settings. Candidate choice is present through varied grade levels and diverse settings.

  • Junior and Senior level field placements are evaluated through the Danielson Framework, a common evaluation tool for practicing teachers.

  • Senior level field placement is completed through a year-long internship model. This strengthens the collaboration and partnership between candidate and cooperating teacher.

  • Education Seminar during Student Teaching placement allows candidates to learn about critical educational topics, gain interviewing skills, and garner peer mentoring and support.

  • Program Directors maintain continuous connections with administrators and accomplished teachers to create high-quality field placements.

  • After four years, students can graduate, be licensed to teach in elementary and special education settings, and will hold a double major.

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Our coursework provides opportunities to utilize the specific, evidence-based instructional practices needed for success across our Five Core Components of the Teacher Education Conceptual Framework.

  • Assessment
  • Classroom Mangement
  • Content Knowledge
  • Professionalism
  • Teaching Strategies
Internship Opportunities
Elementary and Special Education Settings
Response Intervention Fieldwork
Senior level field placement
Student Teaching
Careers for this major:
Elementary and Special education settings
Prinicipal/Vice Principal
Textbook Author
Standardized Test Developer
Education Consultant
Homeschool Consultant
Curriculum Design
After School Program Director
School Psychologist
Corporate Trainer
Education Policy and Research
Special Education Teachers Have These Qualities
Communication Skills
Devoted to Improvement
Listening Skills
Calming Demeanor

Staff Contacts

Janelle Dies

Associate Professor (309) 467-6548

Whitney Carver

Visiting Assistant Professor (309) 467-6864