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As the Hispanic population in the United States continues to grow, a vista of career opportunities will become available for those with a knowledge of Spanish. A Spanish minor will provide the student with this knowledge and with an appreciation for cultural diversity.


The study of foreign languages is vital to the education of a fully informed, well-rounded citizen. In these courses, students learn not only the language of the various countries but also their cultures, thus deepening their knowledge of the wider world and preparing them for international travel. Eureka College offers courses in Ancient Greek and a minor in Spanish.

Study Abroad with your Spanish Major at Eureka College

Students who by examination demonstrate proficiency at the level of one or more of these courses will have the appropriate course(s) entered on their transcript with the notation “proficiencied.”

“I chose to study Spanish because I liked learning it in high school and wanted to continue in college, but it has given more than I ever expected. Spanish has helped me see the world in a new light. The lessons I have learned in Spanish have taught me about myself, history, and cultures I would have never learned otherwise. It has made me more confident when traveling because I have another way to connect to people. Dr. Eaton has been an instrumental part of that process and I look forward to what she has planned for the Spanish program at Eureka College."

Matthew Caldwell, Class of 2018

Spanish Program Contact

Dr. Emily Eaton
Burrus Dickinson – Room 301
300 East College Ave.
Eureka, IL 61530