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Education (Special Education K-12)

Students completing the Special Education Learning Behavior Specialist I (LBSI) program will be qualified to teach all phases of Special Education K-12, ages 5-21.


In order to best meet the needs of schools and their Special Education staffing, the LBSI Program is aligned with a major in Elementary Education. Our LBSI program, with an endorsement in Elementary Education, is the ideal staffing direction to meet the needs of the schools. Further, this combination will better ensure the employment of Eureka College graduates.


The Special Education LBSI Program has been aligned with:

  • Eureka College Goals
  • Teacher Education Program Conceptual Framework
  • Illinois Professional Teaching Standards
  • Core Standards for Special Educators
  • General Curricular Standards for Special Education Teachers
  • LBSI Standards

The Elementary Education Major is offered with or without Teacher Licensure.


“All I am or hope to be as a teacher I owe to Eureka’s Special Education department. …The Education department at Eureka challenges you, but they also care about your individual success. They work hard every day to make sure we are being challenged, cared for, and are well-prepared. There is no Special Education program like the one here at Eureka College.”

Amanda Dickey,
Class of 2017

Special Education Program Contact

Mrs. Whitney Carver
Burklund Education Center
300 East College Ave.
Eureka, IL 61530