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Agriculture Science

The Agricultural Science major offers a wide range of career opportunities for college graduates.  This 2+2 program with community colleges is for students who have completed a qualified A.A.S. degree that meets conditions specified by Eureka College. Students accepted to Eureka College will matriculate into the Agricultural Science major for their final two years. An approved A.A.S., will be credited as a whole unit in this Eureka College capstone program.


During their capstone program in Agricultural Science, students will learn research and analysis skills, chemistry basics necessary for soil and nutrient analysis, agricultural environmental policies and regulations, and the relationship of organisms (crops and livestock, as well as other living things) to their environment. An upper-level internship is required for graduation and prepares graduates for future job success.


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Agriculture Science Contact

Dr. Katy Everett
Sanders Hall Room 302
300 East College Ave.
Eureka, IL 61530